Yamaha YRS-24B Recorder
Yamaha descant recorder. Possibly the world's most popular model, this recorder is easy to play and has a clear soft tone. It is ideal for school use. SPECIFICATIONS Key: C System: Baroque Windway: Straight Toneholes: Double Body Sections: 3 Material:...
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Yamaha YVS-100 Venova Casual Wind Instrument
For more information on this product from our experts, call 8258 9366! Don’t just think about it. Making music is fun! Now there’s an instrument simple and durable enough to take anywhere. Just breathe into it and have fun making...
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Yamaha YVS-120 Alto Venova
For more information on this product from our experts, call 8258 9366! Casual wind instrument pitched in F, ABS resin construction, 4C Alto saxophone mouthpiece and synthetic reed. A fun new wind instrument that blends the simplicity of recorder with...
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Nuvo jSax Plastic Beginner Saxophone
The jSAX follows traditional saxophone fingering patterns and enables kids to develop sax embouchure and playing skills at an early age. It has a surprising mellow sax sound and is a lot of fun to play even for an accomplished...
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Nuvo jFlute Plastic Beginner Flute
The NUVO Flute series has been highly acclaimed by teachers and professional musicians around the world. As well as being perfect for young starters, the NUVO flute also makes an exciting alternate flute for a hobbyist or accomplished flute player....
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Nuvo Clarineo Beginner Clarinet
The NUVO Clarinéo is a clarinet in the key of C and is ideal for young starters ages 4 to 12 years. It is much lighter and smaller than a Bb clarinet which means the finger stretches are shorter and...
from $229.00
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