Education Special Offers

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Our Current education Deals

DXP And Peace have your drum corp covered at easy prices

DXP and Peace offer a broad range of Drum Corp equipment that are suitable for the beginner and intermediate player. Their prices are affordable for all schools and allow teachers to offer exciting and engaging ensemble opportunities for students who are looking for extra curricular activities in music. 

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Allen & Heath analogue and digital mixers providing you with professional sound

At Music Corner we can provide a range of analogue and digital mixers to accomodate for small practice rooms to full auditoriums and concert stages. Digital mixers save settings like foldback patches and eq settings so that you can recall your favourite settings for each location and setup. We offer Allen & Heath, Mackie, Behringer and Yamaha mixers. Ask us what they can do for you.

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Twister Mouthpiece puller, Lightweight and easy to use

Stuck mouthpieces can always pose a tricky problem for your students. Particulary when you are running a band programme.How many times have you had a trumpet come to you that has a mouthpiece stuck and without a mouthpiece puller you can risk damage to the instrument.In the past these devices have been quite expensive to purchase but an Australian company called Twister have designed a puller for $59.95Big thanks to our own Brett Pamment for finding this product and bringing it to our attention.


Alto Professional Speakers, Reliable, Durable, Cost Friendly.

TX Series offers a budgert line of speakers that still offer plenty of bang for your buck.

The TS Line offers are more professional range with more wattage and extra features such as bluetooth and advanced cooling technology


Studio 19 Offers rental options for schools to give you the best instruments at the best rates

Professional Instruments
2 term minimum rental, Simply return after the 2 terms
apply to buy at anytime
the longer you hire it, the cheaper it is to buy
update instruments often to always have the latest

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Hal Leonard now provides resources to assist teachers and studnets with DJ techniques and methodology

We have been working with Pioneer to provide schools with the DDJ400 which was later replaced with the DDJFLX4. If you are not familiar with these units they are a dual turntable unit that works with various DJ software such as recordbox, Serato DJ and djay. Enabling the students to work on various techniques ,such as beat matching and remixing.

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Pioneers DDJFLX4 Is leading the dj wave with its ease of use and affordability

We have been working with Pioneer to provide schools with the DDJ400 which was later replaced with the DDJFLX4. If you are not familiar with these units they are a dual turntable unit that works with various DJ software such as recordbox, Serato DJ and djay. Enabling the students to work on various techniques ,such as beat matching and remixing.

PH (08) 8258 9366 EMAIL :
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Chauvet DJ Gig Bar and 4 Bar Offer Affordable lighting solutiouns to bring some colour to your showcases

Chauvet DJ provide some lighting solutions that are easy to set up and operate via Bluetooth, Remote Control, Footswitch or simply run on sound activation. The 4 Bar and Gig Bar range provide a quick / easy set up with numerous variations we’ve arranged some special Education pricing for quantity buys. Spec sheets are available on each item so please feel free to give us a call or email for quotes and further info for setup options.

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Manhasset Symphony Stands and Carts - Buy the cart and we will fill it with 6 stands for free!!

Deano ordered one too many carts, so we have a special offer that is a once off. If you buy this cart we will include 6 Manhasset Stands. This deal has a value of $2320 RRP but for whoever takes up this deal you will get it for just $1450. Only one available so be the first to get this extremely great value deal. 

PH (08) 8258 9366 EMAIL :
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Zildjian L80 Low Volume Pack - Replace your Cymbals with the low volume set for authentic sound at a lower volume

Available in 2 Pack sizes to suit any drum kit that you may have. Aditional sizes are also available seprately. These low volume Cymbals sound and react like any standard Cymbal but at a greatly decreased volume. Perfect for Practice Studios and classrooms where a full volume drum kit is unecessary

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RTOM Black Hole  Tuneable Practice Mutes

Snaps over your existing drum skins, can be tuned to your desired tension and sounds like a drum set. Only quieter. The durable mesh head makes sure it is up to any challenge and gives it realistic bounce that any drummer would come to expect from a conventional drum skin. Available in sizes 8" - 24"

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Zo Next Generation - Low Brass Instruments

Bigger Brass instruments now available in Plastic making it easier for younger students to hold and play. Much more affordable when starting a new programme.

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NUX amplifiers have mighty sound at affordable prices

The NUX Mighty Amplifiers feature amp sims, built in effects a drum machine and the ability to connect a smart device via bluetooth for audio streaming. These little amplifiers come in 20 and 40 watt variants for guitar and a 50 watt variant for bass players. NUX also cater for many other instrument and audio areas. Keep an eye out as you may see alot more from this great brand in our store. 

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SE Microphones are quickly becoming fan favourites across the industry

SE V7 Microphones are quickly gaiining popularity across the music scene. Artists such as Billy Gibbons (ZZTop), Myles Jackson (Slash) Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) and Chris Satapleton are favoring these microphones over other brands. Live venues such as the Govenor Hindmarsh have started including these microphones as part of their frontline collection. SE gives you clarity and plenty of gain in your vocals while keeping feedback to a minimum.  

If you have an existing Shure or Sennheiser wireless unit, you can now replace the capsule with a V7 capsule to get the sound you want without replacing your whole setup. 

To get a special deal on these microphones simply get in touch so that we can cater a deal to suit your needs.

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ZO Academy and ZO Next Generation have all of your brass orchestral needs covered

ZO Music offers a wide variety of orchestral instruments to suit a range of playing levels. We know that every student has their own learning needs and that means every school will need a personalised selection of instruments. At Music Corner we work with you to give you the instruments that you need for the best price. Call us or email us to discuss what ZO Instruments will suit your classroom.

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HAL LEONARD'S new "guitar white pages play-along" books combine there two most popular series into one awesome package!

-Tab transcriptions of "100 of the greatest rock songs ever"
-Six CD'S of high quality full-band backing tracks
-Play along on mac or PC, Change the tompo without altering pitch

Jazz Guitar Standards
-22 Jazz standards available per volume
-Two volumes available

Pick of the Week
-100 must-know guitar solo's for every guitarist
-Includes insightful background and performance notes for the 40 best solos

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Stagg Steel String Guitars are providing excellent options for entry level classroom guitars - Any 6 of the shown models for $1189

We have stocked Stagg accessories for 12 months. Very impressed with the quality for their price. Now offering their student steel string acoustics. Buy any 6 guitars from the models shown for a total of $1189

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The Ernie Ball PolyLock Neoprene strap adds a higher level of comfort and security than most standard straps currently available. Great for redistributing instrument weight and particularly suited for those with existing ailments, aches or chronic pain. The Neoprene strap material is offered in a 2” and 3” width and is ultra-durable, flexible, and cushiony allowing for several hours of playing time without discomfort. Patent pending PolyLock ends securely attach the strap to your original electric guitar or bass strap buttons, for a fast, safe and secure connection without the need for modification.



New to our range is Pig Hog Cables. Since 2011 Pig Hog has been on a mission to build the toughest and most durable cable possible. Available in various lengths and colours, in heavy duty woven and hex core exterior textures. Together with the Australian distributor we have a special offer, Purchase 12 x 20ft Pig Hog cables in either microphone, instrument or both and receive a free Pig Hog Cable management / storage bag (Valued at $199). $749 For 12 Cables and your free bag.

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