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One-on-one lessons allow the teachers and students to build a relationship and go through their musical journey together. Our large staff of excellent teachers means we can pick the teacher that works best with you or your child’s style of learning, making you or your child more comfortable and more prepared to learn. Students of our music school are also eligible for student discounts downstairs in our store to make sure you always have the instruments, books and accessories you need to keep learning.


Here at Music Corner we offer lessons suited to all types and styles of guitars and techniques. With teachers suited to teach acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar, no matter what style you want to learn we have the right teachers for you! Whether you play pop, metal, rock, blues, or any other major style, we can put you with the right teacher to help keep you or your child motivated and learning faster.


Jacob has been playing the guitar for 15 years and performs regularly on the Adelaide scene with an acoustic duo, various cover bands, jazz quartets and jazz big bands. Jacob is influenced by various styles of music from jazz to classic metal and guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen and Guthrie Govan. Jacob has completed a Bachelors Degree in Jazz Performance.


Scott is a passionate and dedicated musician who has an appreciation for all genres of music. He has a Bachelor of Music in jazz after studying at the Elder Conservatorium of music under some of Australia’s finest jazz musicians. Scott performs regularly around the Adelaide gig circuit playing a variety of genres ranging from rock, pop, metal, blues and jazz. He’s a friendly, easy-going person that can inspire and influence younger and older aspiring bass players to achieve their musical goals.


Mark has been playing guitar for 14 years; he started playing at the age of 14 learning classic rock songs to early metal then modern metal. After studying at TafeSA, earning a Diploma/Advanced Diploma in music, he has picked up an appreciation and influences for other genres (blues, pop, funk, jazz, etc) And uses them in his song writing. Mark teaches both children and adults in an easy going environment while showing the importance of guitar technique. 


Marty has been teaching acoustic and electric guitar for over 15 years at primary and secondary schools and music stores, specialising in advanced lead guitar techniques, rock, pop, blues, metal, and acoustic fingerstyle. After completing certificate 4 in music at tafe, he has performed at local venues in 2 original bands, and recorded 3 albums with good reviews. Marty's guitar playing and music has been featured on many websites including Official Floyd Rose, Guitar 9, and Stone Tone Products. Many of Marty's students have made their mark in the music industry, working with international artists, winning battle of the bands,  recording their own albums, or having their own teaching or music careers. 


Peter has a Certificate 3, Certificate 4 and a Diploma in Guitar, he has been playing guitar for 20 years and is currently lead singer and guitarist of the Honey Badgers which has performed internationally. Peter also has a diploma in vocals and is currently studying at Tabor College.

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